My Paradoxical Creed

I believe there are, with no better word to describe them, things out there. Vast infinite things, that are currently beyond the scope or ability of the human mind to comprehend. Be that god, or whatever else one might believe, it doesn’t matter. Many religions teach that by getting to know that being, as an infinite presence, one can get to know oneself. Perhaps it is better to spend your time getting to know all the intricacies of yourself, before you attempt to tackle an understanding of such a being. That is, if you believe that those vast infinite ‘things’ are a being.

The bible preaches that god is infinite, omnipotent and omniscient. Perhaps we are but a twinkle in the eyes of god. It is my belief that god is but a twinkle in our eye, for we cannot currently hope to fathom an infinite being in any meaningful capacity. Even if the idea of that being is conjured from ourselves through apparently speaking from him (or possibly her… or it). Thus if we agree with the premise that he speaks or has spoken through us, the only capacity we can hope to understand this being is through what he apparently has said about himself. Since we are forced to assume the rest,  after reading various bibles and religious texts, I still know less about who god is than I know about any one of my friends. I do not believe you can understand him by what he tells you to be.  This does hold a fine possibility: Perhaps god wanted it that way.

People are not infinite, people are not omnipotent. As I write this with my heavy prescription glasses nestled nicely on my nose; people are also not omnipresent, as I cant barely see a few feet in front of me without assistance. Perhaps some believe that only by knowing a fraction of an infinite being that we are apparently derived from or in the image of, that that is all a person need know. If you are of this belief then I’m brought back to my calculus classes. What is a small portion of understanding held over infinite knowledge? If we are a portion of this infinity, then are we nothing?

This leads to the faith argument. I can have faith that a being exists, however it is difficult to fully believe that the exact teachings of any one religion is correct in all ways with metaphor and contradictions to cloud. With that it also implies it is impossible to know god as the knowledge about god is based on the teachings of those religions, where it is difficult to sift where perhaps god spoke through man, and where man interpreted. Therefore perhaps it is impossible to know myself… if I believe in god.


Why Can’t I Own A Canadian ?


Essay Originally Written:

Christmas 2008: In Church

NXT Lego Robot Bluetooth Remote Control

One of my old projects worked on back in early 2009  was a Linux blue-tooth control for Lego’s robots programmed using BlueZ socket programming and Qt with NXC robot language (“Not quite C” or “Not eXactly C”). We coded it for Linux since the default is a drag and drop module programming for Windows created by Lego themselves. If you have young children, I suggest giving them one of these robots as the Windows version is simple enough for a 6 year old to have fun.

A simple requirements document for the specs for the NXT Robot – ReqDoc.pdf

Home site of Lego’s Mindstorm NXT Robots – Lego Homesite

The goal of our robot was to have it able to play soccer with a swinging motorized arm on the side to hit around the ping pong ball. A record function was to be able to record the entire set of movements, and play them back exactly. It was to take into account the exact speed of the robots movements based on experimental data of different surfaces to match it as near as physically possible. The controls are done with Qt and dependent on the bluez Linux libraries.

To compile the program you may have to switch some of the package config paths in the makefile in the source root directory as different Linux distributions do things slightly differently with Qt. Prior to trying to run it, you will need to plug your robot in and transfer the robot code to the control brick.

An idea of what can be done further that we never got around to implementing is to include a Qt OpenGL section within the GUI. If your robot has a proximity sensory, you could draw the area around the robot with the proximity sensors.

If you decide to use this code, please let me know and comment on it. I don’t care if you use it, just don’t call it your own. I’ll admit it isn’t the prettiest code, but my ego requires me to say it is because of various contributors towards the project and not because of me. If you have any questions or want some of my other ideas, let me know.


Download Source Here


A Ruffled Mind Makes a Restless Pillow

“This seems odd”. The thought crosses my mind as I lay down to go to sleep. It is one  thought among many. How do people just lay down and relax? My mind races constantly with thoughts of… nothing in particular. It could also be that I just cannot keep up, and therefore cannot understand. I reach out to grasp one as it flies swiftly by. Is this ritual we perform every night not a little odd? We brush our teeth (hopefully), some change and put on the ceremonial pajamas, and do whatever else we have to do before we crawl into bed. Well, apart from the repetitive nature of those habits I suppose that’s not the part that’s odd. I suppose it would be more apparent if it were stated in a different manner. Is it not odd that we do all these things to prepare ourselves to enter a comatose state? To enter that state almost completely unaware of anything going on around us and hardly aware of what goes on in our own heads? The way to summarize this could be – “Could you excuse me while I go unconscious for a few hours?”

The whole idea of sleep bewilders me. The irony of these few thoughts tentatively caught is that they plague me during a time when I am having trouble doing just that. Why? Perhaps it was the snack before bedtime, or maybe it is due to the other thoughts about the weeks ahead that just touch on the surface of consciousness. How should I know? I am restless. I don’t even understand the idea of sleep. I have the feeling that I enjoy it, though, how can that be when I can’t ever remember doing it? I know it was done, that is obvious in the large time lapse between when I attempted it and when I woke. Thus its concluded that I have in fact slept, but that is about as exciting as if I had of just set my clock ahead 8 hours.
In that case I write with the assumption that I do in truth sleep. Is it also true that I make noise in my sleep? How should I know, I’ve never heard myself. I’ve been told I do a few times. In that case I apologize to those women who have slept beside me. I did not mean to yell at you. I’m sure you deserved better then eight hours of poor treatment every night. I make a quick mental note on that thought that if I ever get married to make sure to sleep in separate rooms, I want to be a nice husband. I begin to wonder how sleep is relaxing at all? If all I do is go unconscious and make a lot of noise.

All this thinking has made me tired, could you excuse me while I go unconscious for a few hours?


“A Ruffled Mind Makes a Restless Pillow” – Charlotte Bronte (Title is a quote used without permission due to her being dead a few hundred years)


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