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As this is a recently published website it is still sparse. This is to be the staging point of all my projects that are in the works. I plan on releasing them all at once both on here and in the app stores. Until then this will be used as a place to store and distribute beta projects and to backup my more polished writings which can be viewed from the categories to the right. I lost about 50 essays a few years back due to various unfortunate circumstances and it has been slow going in recuperation. As I prefer web development I might revamp this site from this basic site to a custom company style one. Though so far it suits my needs well enough.

When I release open source versions, I will post tutorials of some of the hurdles and how you can overcome them as well. If you have any questions you would like answered, place a comment either here or on one of the posts and I will do my best to answer or point you in the correct direction. I also wanted a place I could post and duplicate some of my writing about philosophy in what is at times an xkcdish (In case you know not what I speak of; Go to XKCD) manner.

I am a B.Sc Computer Science working on projects in my spare time. Previously worked for Research in Motion for a few years and hope to go back into big business development in the near future.


Divided from the Reality