There is plenty of debate about the effectiveness of vortex generators on cars, however, there is little debate in my world about how bad-ass they look. After a bit of research, I still have yet to find a wind tunnel that tests the effectiveness of vortex generators (and posts the results for free), and the most effective shape to disturb the boundary layer properly. So I borrowed fluid dynamics and aeronautics textbooks.  To verify my, likely incorrect, research showing about an average 0.5% increase in drag induced efficiency loss between 50km/hr and 120km/hr. However, passing stability appears to be improved after ~140km/hr due to a lack of separation even with the disturbance of laminar flow. Testing for this was done by definitely not going that fast and looking at the on-board stats as well as not visually seeing separation with the classic yarn test. This would also increase the effectiveness of any wing as Veloster wings available (such as ARK) tend to only be a few inches above the rear extension, which means the wing will stay within laminar undisturbed flow above the vortex disturbed boundary layer as long as it stays attached. The curve of the rear window where I’ve placed my generators, tend to lend between a 2-4 degree curved arc, which seems to only produce tiny vortices.
I looked at the factory available ones, and bought ones that are similar but without the base, to hedge my bets that even if I’m wrong I’d only be as wrong as Hyundai is.

Also – They look pretty nifty.

Getting startedMeasuring everything to have a proper angle similar to the OEM vortex generator that is available took quite a bit of effort, but I think it turned out well.


All finished!




I am a big fan of the angry look it gives the car from the rear. It also makes it rather distinctive.IMG_3820


I’m pretty excited; In my last post I said I’d pick up the exLEDshop full upgrade, and I did! Should be completed in about 6-8 weeks from now. I also have Rally Armor flaps coming, and LED projector bulbs for my high and low beams. My window visors were installed soon after the vortex generators (Since this post is probably a good few months later), so that’ll be next up.


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