The orange on the side of the headlights has bugged me since day one. The headlight plan was to first, get eyelids to make the headlights look angrier, and then get the full exLED upgrade with the blacked out orange.

I am aware that when I do that, I’ll have to remove the eyelids, but that’s OK, I’ll just have to figure out where to get the adhesive strips to put them back on. The headlights are too expensive for now.




Arrived in the mail!













And on they go. Time for the car to make an angry face:


I am definitely aware the more exterior stuff I do, the more I will be considered a ricer. However, 1) I don’t care, 2) It’ts not a Japanese car if that matters, 3) I’ve planned out my engine build which should take it to a reasonable ~280hp, however, both don’t have the money, and want to save my warranty.

I’m excited for my fancy headlights!

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