The Dimension audio system for the Veloster Turbo leaves something to be desired. The speakers are actually very good, but the sub is lacking. It is a 20W built-into-the-trunk sub that even when full blast I could not put my hand up to it and feel bass.

There are some fantastic options for audio in the VT. After some research I decided on J&L audio’s stealthbox.


The amp is wired in tandem with the stock Dimension amp, and the wiring is split off of the stock sub. Bass level is controlled by a dial under the hand brake.



The biggest issue I had with the VT is actually their “Active Sound Design”. You cannot install a new sub without turning it off, as it will make it unbearable to drive your car with so much bass. Active sound design will send engine noise through your speakers. The VT has a bit of a grumble in the low RPM’s and that is translated directly to your sub.

Disable Active Sound Design

This is actually a fantastic way to upgrade the stereo. J&L has very good instructions, so I won’t go into detail here. The stock head unit is very nice and the only qualm I had with the system is now remedied.

There are a few different options that are next on the list of upgrades ranging from a new exhaust intake, devil claw garnish and, a new grill to get rid of the brick in the middle.

Fun times!

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