If life were a parent, I’d say thank you for raising me.
I’d apologize for not always being obedient, but appreciate you never giving up.

If life were but a friend, I would call him a dear friend.
One who has stuck by me, even as I had often contemplated casting him aside.

If it is a lover, I’d tell her I’m glad she is with me.
Though times can be tough, I always revel in new experiences to share.

I woke up with those three stanza’s in my head. Falling asleep to Brian Crain does strange things to the mind. I’m not sure if they are original, I may have just remembered them, but I wrote them down anyways.

A life lead in the pursuit of small attainable dreams/goals has lead me to be the man I am today. One who wants to remove all hardship from those he cares about, to protect them. I love amazing people by creating new things they didn’t think were possible. I dream of seeing the world. Over my life I have become a person who, though not required, prefers to write down his thoughts. Memory is triggered by seeing items from your past, and I like to be able to remember who I was. Not as a vague notion, but with a clarity of exactitude. It is similar to taking a picture of yourself every day to see how you age day by day, though mentally. Thus this website is, other than the odd technical tutorial, more for me than anyone consuming it. (Thank you random two people who always read my posts)

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