It may be kind of sad that a pretty keyboard can push a meeting up an hour because everybody wants to try it, but that’s apparently what happens when you try to take notes with lasers. Both the keyboard and multi-touch touch-pad version work flawlessly and connect automatically as they should after the initial pairing (which was painless). It takes a moment to get used to typing on it, though, you do get used to it.

Now the internet-world is my oyster. I can now easily play flash games that required a mouse and arrow keys like one of my favorite time wasters bmx backflips. Though in the mean time I always did have the likes of duck hunt (in case you don’t know, just double tap for full screen), I smell brains, DeadSpace, LostKomodo and, the wonderful DoodleBlast.

One odd fact: No woman I have let use this keyboard had trouble typing, and all thus far have managed to type with 90+% accuracy on first attempt without the need to “get used to it”. Maybe it has trouble detecting manly sausage fingers. I’ll submit a user experience issue for people with large hands.

Do keep in mind however that if purchased in Canada, you’ll have to pay about $16CAD for duties at the border for shipping technology. Ultimately though, I must say I’ve wasted money on much worse, as I actually do use this purchase for more than a pick up line. “Want to see my laser?”.

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