So, I took the plunge and got a playbook. The first thing I realized when trying to get my files onto it was how amazingly easy it was to do. I mapped the Ip as a share (start -> computer -> map network drive -> \\ipaddressofPlaybook) and then even in standby mode I can access my files. I should speak to that as well that I never actually turn it off. It is always in standby mode. Don’t forget to turn on sharing in the playbooks settings and set a password.

So far the only bugs I’ve encountered entirely exist within blackberry bridge. If you subtract that from the equation, its pretty much bug free. The ability to play smooth flash games has allowed me to enjoy the likes of  angry birds and angry birds rio among other favorites like sonic and mario. A few games like the built in need for speed or dead space 2 are pretty amazing and show off the power of the hardware. Hopefully with the release of playbook QNX 2.0 this month it will continue its smooth experience.


For those looking for a Kindle application have no fear, I jumped that hurdle by opening the kindle cloud reader and making the link to it as an app icon. Note however you should lock it in portrait orientation before opening up the webpage. In portrait it is not buggy, in landscape it is. If you open it in landscape and try to switch it without reloading the webpage, it will be unpleasant. You will start to enjoy reading on it once you realize to turn the page instead of a swipe straight across, Amazon must have thought it more life like if you do it in sort of an arc from one side to the other. Sort of like an upside down ‘U’ but with more of a curve.

I enjoy the podcasts app immensely… The search is better on iTunes, but once you find it there and find out the title, you can easily search and add any of them to your playbook.


There are some glaring things that are missing such as the ability to organize your apps in folders. However the web browsing experience has been so fast (both wifi and tethered) and bug free that I can say I’m glad of my purchase.

Hopefully the upgrade to 2.0 will continue to leave me happy and plug the holes that are missing (such as native email etc. Though I’m on gmail… so I use the weblink and it doesn’t bother me.)

I just ordered the laser cube keyboard off of thinkgeek. I’ll review it when it comes too.





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