Footage contained within this video was used for educational purposes to prove a point (Fair Dealing/Use as well as most of the content being in public domain). The video is based on the quote I was required to base it on. I had trouble condensing my video down to the recommended maximum in 3-4 minutes.

“The past is never dead. It is not even past.” – William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun (1951).

I based the video on warfare and its recurrence nearly every ten years or so. I watched hours of video clip that I could mirror president speeches on each-other. The wording used by Obama nearly mirrors that of Nixon’s bring the boys home speech (Had to cut obama’s for time) among others. I must admit though, no other president has been stupid enough to call the advancement of troops on the field a crusade. I had to put Charlie at the end. I wanted all of his speech, but I already used too much of it. The audio is chosen as a compliment to the melancholy feel that many have since the publication via video and newspapers have allowed the nations to know about a war and experience it near first hand. I attempted to time various wartime clips with the words that were being said. Armored tanks appear during Churchhill’s “Heavily armored tanks line” and air bombings appear during “remarkable combination of air bombings”. When he mentions breaking through the French defenses, a powerline located on the maginot explodes. If I could do this again without restrictions, I would add in the near 6 minutes of video I cut and remove the credits that I put into Charlie’s speech. I was required to have credits, and I didn’t want them at the end.






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