I recently filled out the survey from the Alberta Government which you can find here. I sent in the following response:

The AB Government should make the heritage fund legislation much more difficult to be tampered with by future politics than the original legislation was. Set aside a minimum 15% of non-renewable resource revenue to the fund. The fund must invest outside of Canada, be diversified outside of oil, and managed outside of, but overseen by, the government.

A benchmark must then created for when oil revenues are above or below the benchmark. If oil revenues are above the benchmark, interest must be reinvested/compounded. If oil is below, interest can be used to fund programs. No principal withdrawals allowed until interest is equivalent to ~5 Billion CAD adjusted with inflation as of the day legislation is passed. Principal spending cannot reduce fund value to project less than 5 billion interest based on historical returns. Next year’s available heritage money for use is calculated by the previous years’ interest accrued as of year-end.

Until oil rebounds, allow a deficit and small reductions in program spending with the intention that the above will level future downturns.

I choose to believe this survey is for the purpose of retrieving data and not just gaining political capital. So hopefully they’ll read it!