My mind worries me sometimes, or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say I worry about it. I get ideas all day bubbling up from my subconscious in such volumes that I must stop all thought to accomplish many tasks. I have trouble answering questions promptly, and often correctly, if I consciously think through a problem. I go hours without an actual physical thought in the form of words or even pictures in my mind. It is more a feeling. I have a desire to know something, and more often than not, the knowledge bubbles to the surface.

The idea that we are just the thieves of the richer world beneath stealing from the entity that does the real work, in my case I believe, has some truth to it. I feel almost guilty. Is it rude to just assume it enjoys doing that work? I don’t even know how to reward it even though it is clearly better at it than me. Though I may be better at cleaning a toilet than another person, that does not mean I enjoy cleaning toilets.

Well, hopefully, it understands my thanks that the toils it goes through are not unappreciated.

These words were written through conscious calculated thought… I wore myself out and must now nap.