Today I noticed that Skype will be coming to Telus mobility customers. I got excited as I know Verizon supports almost all Blackberry versions of Skype software. Reading the press release fully though I realized it was only for iPhone and Android customers. In Canada this makes no sense as Blackberry is almost half the market share in this country. It also does not make sense as a Skype Mobile application already exists that would work on all Blackberries up to and including the torch. I tested this by changing my IP address to Chicago and spoofing my user agent to a storm 2 Blackberry running with a Verizon vendor ID and then downloaded it. I have a zip of it here that you can play with, though it will block you if you are not branded to Verizon right after launching the application. The application will only launch if you have gone into options -> device -> application management and set permissions all to allow. So basically if you went to the states, purchased a Verizon phone outright then put Skype mobile on it and activated it in Canada, it would likely work with Telus. There are ways to brand your Blackberry outside of actually buying a new phone but I would be hesitant to use them as they are third party hacks and may brick your phone.


Ultimately all of this turns into a rant against Telus. You are actively leaving a large group of your customers out of the loop of new services to move them away from a trusted platform in this country.  I sincerely hope this is not on purpose and that they will utilize what is already created and enjoyed elsewhere.


-Telus Customer since 2005