There is a different perfect woman for every man. She is the type of woman who can wear seven layers of clothing and still look more attractive to your eyes than any other.  For some men this is the woman they are with. For those men I wish them the best and salute them even while I envy them. For other men they have met this woman and she has gotten away in some form or another. Be it in the form of a close friendship, a stalker relationship, or perhaps she is not even known yet. However it does not matter; she is not with you. I have had the opportunity to find this girl early. To know her has made my life richer every time I lay eyes on her. She is not with me. One of my biggest fears in the large list I have is that one day when I find a woman that attempts to rival her, and we get married or fall in love, is that this perfect girl will still be in the back of my mind. With her always there in my mind will I still be able to be happy or will I always wonder what it would have been like if I were the one with her?  After years of being apart she recently came to visit me. These words and worries cropped into my head on the last night of her stay as we lay there in each other’s arms and I kiss the back of her neck lightly. I feel her smile more than see it as she presses closer to me and holds my hand. Her pulse begins to quicken. To be so close to someone as to feel as if you know what they are thinking but not be able to be with them is a torture I have long been subjected to. To know that when she leaves, she will spend her next years with someone else leaves a longing and jealousy that tears. I begin to wonder, even with the circumstances that keep her from me, is she thinking about me? Even if she is right now with the man who rivals the perfect man for her, will she be thinking about me?