I believe there are, with no better word to describe them, things out there. Vast infinite things, that are currently beyond the scope or ability of the human mind to comprehend. Be that god, or whatever else one might believe, it doesn’t matter. Many religions teach that by getting to know that being, as an infinite presence, one can get to know oneself. Perhaps it is better to spend your time getting to know all the intricacies of yourself, before you attempt to tackle an understanding of such a being. That is, if you believe that those vast infinite ‘things’ are a being.

The bible preaches that god is infinite, omnipotent and omniscient. Perhaps we are but a twinkle in the eyes of god. It is my belief that god is but a twinkle in our eye, for we cannot currently hope to fathom an infinite being in any meaningful capacity. Even if the idea of that being is conjured from ourselves through apparently speaking from him (or possibly her… or it). Thus if we agree with the premise that he speaks or has spoken through us, the only capacity we can hope to understand this being is through what he apparently has said about himself. Since we are forced to assume the rest,  after reading various bibles and religious texts, I still know less about who god is than I know about any one of my friends. I do not believe you can understand him by what he tells you to be.  This does hold a fine possibility: Perhaps god wanted it that way.

People are not infinite, people are not omnipotent. As I write this with my heavy prescription glasses nestled nicely on my nose; people are also not omnipresent, as I cant barely see a few feet in front of me without assistance. Perhaps some believe that only by knowing a fraction of an infinite being that we are apparently derived from or in the image of, that that is all a person need know. If you are of this belief then I’m brought back to my calculus classes. What is a small portion of understanding held over infinite knowledge? If we are a portion of this infinity, then are we nothing?

This leads to the faith argument. I can have faith that a being exists, however it is difficult to fully believe that the exact teachings of any one religion is correct in all ways with metaphor and contradictions to cloud. With that it also implies it is impossible to know god as the knowledge about god is based on the teachings of those religions, where it is difficult to sift where perhaps god spoke through man, and where man interpreted. Therefore perhaps it is impossible to know myself… if I believe in god.


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