We all write a book none will ever read. It has no revisions and no extensions. When it’s done the  person unable to buy the final copy is you; the one who wants it the most. The interesting part of any task that disallows revision is that the task gets both easier and is done better with time. This is the definition of the phrase practice makes perfect. It is unfortunate that the act of practice also by definition requires, on a steady basis, a trial and error approach. Also unfortunate is the fact that memory sometimes fails to serve what was written on a previous page. Often when a person attempts to look inside oneself and know what drives their thoughts and actions even they themselves come up with only guesses. It has been said that trying to understand oneself by its very nature changes the outcome of any understanding. There is an uncertainty principle in that the more someone knows of himself, the less he can actually be who he thinks he is. If this reasoning is taken as truth then any further writing on the topic is bound to be fruitless. However it fails to take into account the ability to know who you are while at the same time not needing to. It is with a firm belief that I know who I am and the things that I have done. It is with great certainty that I know every action and why it is taken, however it has not always been that way. I am still unsure as to whether I hope it always will be.