The mind is a torment of abstract chaotic thought. To fully grasp ones own mind is to challenge a tempest to do its worst while coming out the victor. It is always working, always shaping, and yet simultaneously always breaking down and analysing. In the end it will always turn from organized, though beyond comprehensive apparent chaos, to true disorder. Why then try to understand something so powerful yet fragile? The goal I’ve learned is not to try to know everything, but to know only what you need and pass on anything you have managed to learn in your journey from disorderly chaos, to orderly chaos, and finally as we delve back into the original state we came screaming into this world.

In my time in this solitary confinement I have changed. The thirst for knowledge was long ago quenched. It is becoming even more important now that the ultimate goal in my life, during the short time of order and understanding, is not just known; But pursued.