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Google Sync for BlackBerry

Have you been getting duplicate contact and calendar entries on your blackberry after installing Google Sync? (See further follow-up in comments on multiple calendars and how to fix)

The reason? It is built in to all the latest blackberries!

As soon as you add your Gmail account to your blackberry BIS profile (Blackberry BIS is simply the server program for the average individual run by your ISP that holds, and pushes, emails to your public blackberry. Corporate email will use what is called a BES) it is already set up to sync and backup contacts and calendar appointments. When you install and run Google sync it conflicts with this process.

The built in sync is set up like so:

  1. Appointments/Contacts made on your phone are instantly pushed to Gmail
  2. Appointments/Contacts made on Gmail are pull to your phone
  3. All email features are push and instant.

So what is happening when you use Google sync?

  1. Your blackberry makes a new calendar appointment, it syncs it with gmail
  2. Google Sync will find that there is a new appointment, and sync with gmail
  3. There are now two appointments on gmail.
  4. Your blackberry will pull any updates from the gmail server, finding the “new” item
  5. There is now a duplicate item which GS will find and sync with the gmail server.
  6. etc.

Hope this helps any frustrated people out there. If you want to change these behaviors and have a torch for example, hit the menu (blackberry) button, select options, click on the gmail calendar under “accounts”, and modify the “Wireless Synchronization” option.

Ramblings in Confinement

The mind is a torment of abstract chaotic thought. To fully grasp ones own mind is to challenge a tempest to do its worst while coming out the victor. It is always working, always shaping, and yet simultaneously always breaking down and analysing. In the end it will always turn from organized, though beyond comprehensive apparent chaos, to true disorder. Why then try to understand something so powerful yet fragile? The goal I’ve learned is not to try to know everything, but to know only what you need and pass on anything you have managed to learn in your journey from disorderly chaos, to orderly chaos, and finally as we delve back into the original state we came screaming into this world.

In my time in this solitary confinement I have changed. The thirst for knowledge was long ago quenched. It is becoming even more important now that the ultimate goal in my life, during the short time of order and understanding, is not just known; But pursued.

The Debate of a Hungry Man

My mind is debating with itself; I hate when it does that. The night wears on and it
never goes anywhere. The debate mediator is highly biased in an activity that
requires impartiality. Its almost like he has something to gain or lose if the
debate tips one way or the other. In this dance of literary structures designed to
woo in sound logic the mind fails once again to come to a decision and another round
begins. At times a wish for silence from an inner, deeper, voice cries out for
silence as the crushing criticisms are tossed arbitrarily. This voice has very
little control; like a normally silent beaten child it cries out. The debate rages
on and finally is silenced by a thought that distracts all argument. A consensus is
reached without the mediators intervention.

Tomorrow we dine on pop tarts

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I do not adhere to a schedule. I post when I have something to say. I'm a programmer who in my spare time enjoys contemplating the meaning of life, the universe and, everything. So there will be code as well as random little stories, essays and, musing about whatever interests me at the moment.